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This  site is the personal musings of a would be microlight pilot (I passed my GST on the 22nd June 2015) who by day works as an Agile Project Manager. While learning I blogged about the lesson I took and my learning for the microlight exams.

I will have some advertising which I hope people may click on to help pay for this site, but it’s not a commercial venture.

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So why Clear Prop? Well as any pilot of a propeller aeroplane will tell you, it’s what you shout just before you start the engine and all the fun begins, also the domain name was available surprisingly!

 Why learn to fly? Learning to fly is an experience unlike any other, great views, freedom, immense satisfaction and great enjoyment are just a few reasons. learning to fly in a microlight is also much more affordable than other forms of flying.

As you will be able to tell I'm not a professional writer and I am dyslexic too, so please don’t expect this site to be free from spelling errors or 100% grammatically correct, but I will try my best and hopefully other people and student pilots may find it of interest!

  • C42 Microlight
  • Me landing the C42
  • Cowling off on the C42
  • Chatteris Airfield
  • A view form approximately 2,000 ft
  • Ely from the air
  • Ely from the air
  • Ely from the air
  • Waiting to takeoff
  • Ely from the air



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"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."  - Henry Ford