Below you find a list of terms and abbreviations used, I will build out the list as the site progresses. Where the origin of a word is given there may have been more then one and the one here is the one I have selected which may or may not be correct!

Assistant Flight Instructor


Air Traffic Control – A service provided by controllers who direct aircraft through controlled airspace and on the ground. They can also provide advisory services to aircraft in uncontrolled airspace.


Civil Aviation Authority – The CAA is the UK’s specialist aviation regulator.


Ceiling & Visibility OK


Certified Flight Instructor or Chief Flight Instructor


Area where a pilot controls the aircraft.
Origin of the word cockpit– From yachting; the rudder control area from which a vessel is steered is often called a cockpit since a watchman in the highest position is called a cock and a cavity in a vessel is called a pit.


General Skills Test
The flying test taken by a Microlight student pilot to qualify.

Inversion layer

Inversion layers are significant to meteorology because they block atmospheric flow which causes the air over an area experiencing an inversion to become stable


The METAR format was introduced in 1968 internationally and is still used to communicate weather reports in aviation. This a report not a forecast.


Prior Permission Required
You need to telephone or radio ahead for permission to land.


Single Seat DeRegulated, a classification of a type of microlight. e-Go is an example of a SSDR


Terminal Aerodrome Forecast, a format for reporting weather forecast information as it relates to aviation. This a forecast not a report.


Visual Flight Rules -The pilot must be able to operate the aircraft with visual reference to the ground, and by visually avoiding obstacles and other aircraft.