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This page is for people who are proud to show off their pictures. I have setup the following albums: 3 axis  microlights, flex wing microlights, aerial photos from microlights and airfields.

Please only upload a picture you have the right to use and by uploading it you certify you have the right to use it and agree to give clearprop.co.uk the right to use the picture.

No pictures are displayed with out first being approved by the site admin, so it may take a day or two before they can be seen by the world.

Please use the contact form to have any picture removed.

When uploading a picture please use the "What's in the picture" box to add some detail such as "C42 G-XXXX Landing at Chatteris 23 May 2013 by a person"

3 Axis Microlights

What's in the picture?

Flexwing microlights

What's in the picture?

Aerial photos from microlights

What's in the picture?


What's in the picture?

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